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How to use wire stripping machine?

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How to use wire stripping machine?

With the development of science and technology, the manufacturing industry has shifted from inefficient manual production to automated production, and the automatic wire stripping machine is a high-tech processing equipment for wire and cable harness processing. Wire stripping machine is mainly used to strip the processed wire and the protective layer of the wire, compared with the traditional method, this can improve the production efficiency and precision, widely used in automotive wire harness processing, aviation wire processing, audio cable and data cable processing, waste wire recycling and other industries.

What is automatic wire stripping machine?

Automatic wire stripping machine is a very convenient equipment, this equipment can strip the coating of wire and cable, which can be operated manually or by motor, but most of them are electric. This kind of machine is equipped with various blades so that it can accommodate different types of wires, as well as adjustable blade depths for stripping wires of different thicknesses. To use wire stripping machine, you simply insert the wire into the machine and crank it until the wire is completely stripped. Automatic wire strippers offer many advantages over manual ones, including higher output rates, less worker fatigue, and more customization options.

What is a manual wire stripper?

Manual wire strippers are the cheapest type of wire strippers and are suited to go for small mechanical tasks. They work in a very simple way: place the wire into the proper cutting slot, press the lever and slide it to the desired length, and when you release the lever, you get a neatly stripped wire that has two flat ends. The biggest disadvantage of manual wire cutters is that they can be difficult to use if you don't have enough strength in your hands, and you also have to be careful not to get your fingers caught in the device, which can put you in harm's way. On the plus side, manual wire strippers are relatively easy and inexpensive to use, and they also tend to be compact and lightweight, so they can easily fit into your tool kit without weighing you down as you work.

What are the benefits of automatic wire strippers?

Automatic wire strippers have many benefits, but one of the main benefits is that they save you time. When you have to strip wire manually you are limited by speed and proficiency, with an automatic wire stripper you simply place the wire between two rollers and let it do all the work for you, they can cut the wire quickly without any risk of injury and even without any noise! Another obvious major benefit is that automatic wire strippers save money - a manual stripper costs about $300, but most automatic wire strippers aren't too expensive, which can be especially cost effective when compared to the potential time savings of removing 500 wires a day! Automatic wire strippers are also safer than manual ones because there are no knives or blades on this machine, and there is less chance of getting cut when using an automatic stripper because they are always at a distance from your hand. Also, if you're worried about hurting your fingers from nearby wires, automatic wire strippers won't cause this problem because there are no actual blades on the machine like there are on the manual models! Some other benefits include the ability to strip multiple wires at once and customizable stripping lengths, with some models offering a variety of different preset lengths that can be adjusted with a simple turn of a knob!

Why should I use an automatic wire stripper?

If you still don't know why we should go for automatic wire stripping machines, here are some other reasons. For one thing, automatic cable cutting and stripping machines are faster than manual machines. They can strip wire up to 20 times faster per hour than a human can do the same job, and they are also safer than manual strippers. You won't have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself when removing those stubborn and dangerous wires from the spool - the machine will do all the work for you. Plus, your hands will never have to touch those sharp blades commonly found on manual models.

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How do you choose the right automatic wire stripper for your business?

You need to choose between two types of wire strippers and mini strippers: manual and automatic. Which one is best for your business will depend on the type of work you do and the amount of wire you need to strip each day. The disadvantage of this type of stripping machine is that it takes quite a bit of time, patience and practice to know how to use it properly. There are several variations on the design of different automatic wire strippers, but they all have the same basic function: the ability to strip the insulation from the wire without cutting into the copper or individual strands of it. The manual process usually requires more skill than the automatic process, and automatic wire strippers rely more on human precision and judgment. Manual wire strippers typically cost less than automatic models, but they require more labor input and have no advantage over automatic wire strippers when stripping large amounts of wire each day.

Then let's talk about the approximate types of automatic wire stripping machines.

  1. Coaxial Wire Stripping Machine: especially suitable for processing coaxial wires, such as router antennas, audio cables, laptop data lines, etc.. This harness has three or more layers of protection, generally using a metal mesh layer to shield the signal interference, processing accuracy is extremely high, manual completion of this harness processing is almost impossible. Coaxial wire stripping machine uses a rotary blade for rotary cutting, each layer can be accurately stripped, up to 9 layers, the accuracy is extremely high.
  2. Wire Stripping Machine: wire stripping machine can be divided into semi-automatic wire stripping machine, automatic wire stripping machine and automatic wire stripping machine. Automatic wire stripping machine is also known as computerized wire stripping machine. Motor-driven, controlled by PLC or microcontroller programming, in order to ensure the use of the process of precision and service life, we recommend that you buy some imported motor and other components of the wire stripping machine, you can cut the wire to the required length, both ends of the stripping, and there are many enhanced models.
  3. Laser Wire Stripping Machine: refers to the use of laser wire stripping to cut the protective layer of metal wire, is a new application of laser in the processing of materials. According to the characteristics of the wire, the wire can be divided into CO2 laser wire stripping machine, YAG laser wire stripping machine, CO2 laser wire stripping machine is mainly used to strip the non-metallic outer layer and insulation inner layer, YAG laser wire stripping the machine is used to strip the metal shield layer, the combination of the two to form a complete stripping procedure.
  4. Scrap Cable Machine: scrap cable machine is a special equipment for recycling scrap cable, the copper core of the cable can be separated from the insulation layer, separate recycling. Usually use a blade to cut the surface of the wire, and then use a roller to separate the wire sheath and copper core extrusion, effectively improving the recycling efficiency of waste cables.
  5. Let's ask ourselves one last question, what kind of people are suitable for buying automatic wire stripping machine?

Automatic wire strippers are an extremely cost-effective machine, they are easy to use and can save you a lot of time, plus they come in handy when you need to strip wire quickly. Manual wire strippers are only good for so many uses before they wear out and fail. In the end, whether or not it's automatic depends on whether or not your manual wire stripper is worth it to your business, and if we have the budget for it, then I'd still recommend any factory or company that needs one to acquire one of these manual wire strippers, which can really make your life a lot easier and save you a lot of time!

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