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CO-Z Story

Our Story

How did we get our Start?
We started with a simple goal: To Make Your Life A Little Easier. That's why we make quality commodities designed to alleviate extra effort in you daily routine.

What makes our products unique?We offer a wide range of merchandise to help you solve many of life's everyday problems. 
We work closely with manufacturers to create a brilliant range of products with an exceptional 
balance of genuine quality and affordability.

Why do we love what we do?

At CO-Z, we don't just put excellent goods in your hands. We bring greater comfort, convenience, and utility into your life. Wheter for the home, office, or workshop, we're here to help make life a little more CO-Z.

Reviews From Customers

The water never tasted bad in town where we live. But after distilling it, we found it to be delicious (an adjective I never would have expected to use to describe water). We could see a white pastey sludge remaining behind in the distiller. Wow. This distiller is a bit bulky but we use it every day. Only bad thing is the crud that needs cleaned out of it every day. I often need to use vinegar to get most of it out. Our coffee tastes better with the distilled water and the coffeemaker is not getting clogged up with white film as it used to. Note it takes about four hours per gallon.

J Strong

The install was easy for me. Has good power so I would install a beam sensor. I installed v-track to keep gate straight and replaced an old roller. The pictures I added my help with you installation. Update: Just installed a mhcozy 2 channel wifi smart switch relay, inching relay. And use EWeLink app to control gate on my iPhone.



It took me three different orders to get one packaged well enough that the delivery companies didn't ruin it during shipment. When I finally got one that worked. It worked well, But they can be damaged during shipping. This is a great lathe to learn on. The Chinese used set screws that were too short; I had to replace them with longer ones. The shorter screws would not let the bed be locked-down for accuracy. It seems to work well on all my smaller projects.