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8 Tips for A Wonderful Inflate Hot Tub Trip

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When you buy an inflatable hot tub for the first time, you want to have a wonderful soaking time, but you don't know how to use it, it's okay, don't worry anymore, we provide you with eight tips for setting up an inflatable hot tub, simple and reliable, you don't have to worry about idle it anymore, enjoy it with your family!

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully!

Yes, of course we know that no one really likes to read instruction manuals because they are really boring and make people not want to read them seriously at all. However, after you read this manual, it can reduce a lot of fumbling time for you, and the instruction manual can provide you with a lot of useful instructions. In addition, please check whether the parts of the product are complete when you receive it, such as the list of items and the items in the box, which also need to be compared with the instruction manual, if there is a shortage at the beginning, please contact us as soon as possible to make up the parts for you. If you accidentally lost the instruction manual, do not panic, our homepage also has detailed instructions, and secondly, you can also contact our customer service staff, we will solve any problems you have as soon as possible, for you to be able to have a wonderful bathtub journey and efforts! If you think, reading the instructions is really boring, we also recommend you to watch the demonstration video on youtube, I believe you will be able to fully understand!

2. Please carefully choose the location of your inflatable hot tub!

Choosing a good location is to make your soaking time more convenient, if you put it in the wrong place, you may damage the arrangement and furniture in your home. Let's take a look at some of the things to consider when choosing where to place your outdoor inflatable hot tub.

  • Location of the power outlet. Where is the electrical outlet in your home? Most manufacturers will advise you not to use extension cords as they are likely to start a fire if used improperly, please don't worry, you can leave this to an electrician who can easily add a new outlet to your home from almost anywhere. If you keep your hot tub indoors, make sure there are no exposed electrical outlets nearby to prevent spills or splashes. The same goes for any valuables - make sure they are away from the hot tub. 
  • Place it in a location that is level and smooth. If your inflatable tub is set on an uneven floor or slope, you will feel uncomfortable sitting in it. In addition, it will tilt the hot tub and eventually put pressure on the entire tub, which could eventually damage your inflatable liner and make it unusable. Also, check that there are no rough areas or sharp objects on the floor or near the hot tub. Although the outer layer of today's inflatable hot tubs is tough, it is still possible to pierce your skin. Because of the potential for splashing and water in the hot tub, we strongly recommend that you only place it on the first floor. If you put it on the first floor or in an apartment, any spills will gradually weaken the floor and the weight of the inflate spa tub will cause structural damage.

3. Please consider the weight that the tub can bear!

The place where you place your heated hot tub needs to be able to support at least a few thousand pounds, so choose carefully where you place your tub as well. You may want to place it indoors, in your own outdoor building or on your deck. If this is the case, make sure the floor or deck is strong enough to support not only the weight of the filled tub, but also the full weight of the user. When filled with water, it can easily weigh more than 2,000 pounds. Therefore, you will need to check that any flooring where the hot tub is to be placed. can withstand this weight. If you have any questions, let the experts advise you.

4. Please choose a location for your inflatable tub that is sheltered from the wind!

The wind can cool the water in your hot tub very quickly, which can only heat the water 1-2 degrees per hour. If the wind cools your hot tub, your heater may be overloaded and the rate of heating cannot keep up with the rate of wind cooling, which means you cannot use your it for long periods of time before it gets too cold. You'll have to let your hot tub rest for a few hours until it warms up again, so it's best to choose a location that is sheltered from the wind. One of the best ways to do this is to place it near a windproof area. This can be a natural windbreak, such as a hedge or bush. You can also erect a fence, put some tall plants in a planter, or a small stone wall.

5. Please inflate before moving your tub! After inflation, you can move the hot tub to its final position.

If the position is not correct after inflation, you can move it. If you think the position is not good due to wind or electrical access, go ahead and move it. You can continue to experiment and find the perfect hot tub position, don't start filling it until you are happy with the placement. This is a simple tip, but has saved us a lot of energy over the years.

6. Please add the right amount of water!

Please add the right amount of water to your tub, no more and no less. Your hot tub should have the correct water level marked on it, and you should stick to that range. If you fill it too full, you have more water to heat, which means it will take longer to heat up. When you get into the hot tub, the water may be full and overflowing, which will not only waste water, but electricity as well. Secondly, putting too much water into a hot tub can also put more pressure on the material and floor joints, which can lead to water leaks and tub breakage. We actually recommend that the first time you use an inflatable hot tub, you only fill it to the minimum fill line. This way you can get used to how much the water will rise when you get into the hot tub and use the massage system. Once you get used to the hot tub, it's relatively easy to add more water (but only up to the maximum line!) .

7. When inflating your hot tub, please don't overfill it!

First of all, if you overfill your hot tub, you will put pressure on the joints. This can weaken them and cause them to leak or even tear. If you look at homeowner reviews on sites like Amazon, you'll find occasional reviews that say the hot tub leaked immediately. This person likely didn't realize this strange tip and they over inflated the hot tub, causing water to leak at the seams. Second, when you fill a hot tub with water, the walls of the hot tub need to be left slightly clear. This is because - as we've already mentioned - the weight of the water can exceed 2,000 pounds. So if the walls are too hard, because there is too much air in them, all that weight can distort the shape of the hot tub, which can also put pressure on the joints and connectors and cause leaks.

8. Please add inflatable hot tub chemicals from the beginning!

Immediately after filling the hot tub with water, add the chemical float along with your choice of sanitizer (chlorine or bromine are the usual choices). Keeping the water in your portable hot tub sanitized is obvious common sense. It keeps the water clean and safe for hot tub users and extends the life of the water, so you don't have to replace (and then reheat) it as often as untreated water. If you don't, the water can quickly grow bacteria, mold and other nasty things. This means that when you buy a new inflatable hot tub for a spa with air jets, or shortly before you take it out of storage, you need to check that you've stocked up on enough chemicals. Using the right hot tub chemicals to use, and starting to use them as soon as the hot tub is full, can help you have a clean, healthy and safe hot tub for a long time. Enjoy your hot tub travel from now on!