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What is a distilled water and how does it work?

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What is a distilled water and how does it work?

Simply put, a water distiller removes fluoride, arsenic, lead, viruses and other contaminants from the water by changing the state of the water, thereby turning it into healthy, drinkable pure water. Not only is the still a more environmentally friendly option that allows us to reduce our reliance on bottled drinking water, but it is also a cheaper option that allows us to get home drinking, cooking and other uses at a lower cost.

The Perils of Tap Water: Identifying Common Contaminants

Ordinary tap water may contain: arsenic, residual chlorine, Escherichia coli, heavy metals, sediment and rust and other harmful substances. Drinking a lot of it poses a threat to human health. How does the distilled water filter filter these substances?

How Water Distillers Work

A pure water machine utilizes the circulation of water and uses a heating device to boil the water and convert the water from a liquid state to steam. Water molecules run out as quickly as a motor is installed, and some heavy metals, sediment, rust, etc. with a higher boiling point are left in the boiling chamber, which is the scale we often see. This boiling process also inactivates the bacteria in the water.

Nature's Purifier

Water distillation mimics the way Earth naturally purifies and redistributes water. Recycle and purify the earth's water by changing the material form of the earth's water.

The hydrological cycle is not only continuously changing the material form of the earth's water, but also recycling and purifying the earth's water. When the sun's heat evaporates the water, any contaminants or minerals in the water are dissipated. As hydrogen and oxygen molecules transition from liquid to gas, everything from chemical waste to pathogenic microbes is left behind. The hydrological cycle removes all the alkalinity and mineral content that water has absorbed as it moves through rock and sediment layers. Distillation simulates the natural purification process as it produces very pure water.

From Steam to Liquid

The water molecules in the form of steam pass through the condensation cooling device, and return to the state of liquid from the state of steam, to be extracted and used by us. This is how the distilled water dispenser works, and the distilled water dispenser may be different, but the basic principles are similar. They all use a heating device to turn water into steam, and then use a cooling device to turn it back into a liquid state. In the process, some metal, rust and other garbage particles are filtered to inactivate bacteria.

CO-Z distilled water dispenser is a 4L home version that meets the needs of most families. If you want to live a healthier life, drink healthy water.

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What is a distilled water and how does it work?